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Directed By: Robert Zemeckis

Writers: (Screenplay by) Robert Zemeckis, Caroline Thompson.

Actors: Steve Carell, Falk Hentschel, Matt O'Leary .

Genres: Biography, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Release Date: 2018-12-21 (USA)

Language: English, German, French (USA)

Runtime: 1h 56min

Category: Movie

Country: USA

Year: 2018

Quality: HD

IMDb Rated: 5.9

Overview: On April 8, 2000, aspiring creator Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) became a victim of a violent assault once 5 men beat him up and left him for dead. Following the attack, Mark was left with very little to no memory of his previous life thanks to brain injury inflicted by his attackers. in an exceedingly desperate commit to regain his reminiscences, Hogancamp constructs a miniature war II village known as Marwen in his yard to assist in his recovery.

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